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KSRTC Bus Fares

  • Super Fast Service charges- 65 paisa,
  • Super Express Service charges- 70 paisa,
  • Super Deluxe/Semi Sleeper Service charges- 80 paisa,
  • City/Ordinary Service charges- 58 paisa,
  • City Fast/Fast Passenger/Limited Stop Fast Passenger Service charges- 62 paisa,
  • Luxury/High-Tech/Air Conditioned Service charges- 100 paisa
  • Volvo Service charges- 120 paisa

The Set Bare Minimum Charges Are

  • Super Fast Services-Rs 12.00
  • Super Express-Rs 17.00
  • Super Deluxe/ Semi Sleeper Services-Rs 25.00
  • City/Ordinary services/City Fast Services-Rs 6.00
  • Fast passenger/ Limited Stop Fast Passenger Services-Rs 8.00
  • Luxury/ Hi-tech/ Air Conditioned/Volvo Services-Rs 35.00

On 11 November 2012, these changes came into existence from midnight.

Historical Fares

In the year 1938, when ksrtc was established by Travancore state department, minimum fare that a person had to pay was a part of “chakram.” In that duration of time, first class ticket cost was more than normal fare as facilities and services that were given was just fabulous. When ksrtc was established, kids or children were allowed to travel free of cost. A kid aged three years was allowed to travel free of cost. Children who were fourteen years of age were charged only part amount of actual value of ticket. For a passenger carrying luggage was not charged, until their luggage weighted somewhere in between twenty eight pounds to fifty six pounds. Once weight of luggage was more, fee of four chakras was paid by the passenger. Passenger had to pay six chakras when weight was more than fifty-six pounds. Travelling with these rates was costly at that time.

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