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KSRTC Bus Services

The full form of KSRTC is Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation that is a company of road transportation owned by the Karnataka state. In year 1961, under the Act of 1950 Road Transport Corporation, this company of KSRTC was established. The state government of Karnataka fully owned this KSRTC.  With this corporation, there is a share part of government of India also. This company of KSRTC also introduced the luxurious low body buses for city like B7RLE and Volvo.  These new version of buses are fully air conditioned along with the better suspension and good quality of tyres.

KSRTC provides their services for bus in every town and village of the state of Karnataka.  KSRTC served about total of 92% village and other areas of about 44%.  There were total of 7599 fleet buses in this corporation and covers about a distance of 23.74 lakh km scheduling about 6463 per day.

About total of 10, 400 buses were fleet by KSRTC up till August 1997 along with the schedule of 9500.  Later on, this KSRTC is renowned itself with new corporation named BMTC that is Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation on August 1997.  For the North West Karnataka, new transportation company was introduced named as NWKRTC that is North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation that fulfill the needs of transport the people of South India on November 1997. Following this at the Gulbarga, another transport company opened named as North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation. This transport company also introduced various ordinary luxury, semi deluxe, deluxe or air-condition fleet of buses like Volvo and Airavat bus.  This transport company also provides service of transportation in various areas like Vijayawada, Trivandrum, Mumbai, and many more. According to the every type of people, this transport company provides transportation.  The main logo of this transport company is “Meeting Challenges with Innovation”.  This KSRTC introduced and organized as larger operator of Volvo fleet in the whole state by 2010 in India.


The types of buses run by the KSRTC are given below.

1. Airavat Bliss
2. Airavat Superia
3. Airavat
4. Volvo Club Class
5. Rajahamsa Executive Bus
6. Mercedes-Benz bus
7. Corona AMBAARI

8. Corona AMBAARI Sleeper bus

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