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KSRTC Bus Timings

If you are planning to travel via ksrtc bus service then you can select ksrtc bus timings as per your need and requirement. As interstate bus service is available, timing of these buses are different and after checking ksrtc time table you can select a bus service as per your requirement.

If you Are Interested In knowing Bus Timings Of KSRTC Then You Have To Follow The Following Steps:

  • Login to the official website of ksrtc.
  • Select date, place of journey, and click search.
  • Search for buses and timings for your destination as per your choice.
  • Complete detail about ksrtc bus timing will be available with you.

KSRTC Bus Timings Kerala

As different buses are available for ksrtc, you can search for your prescribed bus as per your need and requirement. For a person who is booking a ksrtc ticket for the first time should take use of ksrtc timetable so that they are able to get detailed information regarding ksrtc bus timings. As ksrtc is available online, you can search for the timetable and timings as per your choice. Classes of travel are different according to timing of bus services that are running for ksrtc. As different bus services are available with ksrtc, timings of these buses are different accordingly. Same way, interstate buses of ksrtc run on different time schedule.

KSRTC Bus Timings Are As Follows:

  • For Kozhikode: 11:00, 11:30, 11:45, 24:00, 22:30, 20:00,
    18:30, 19:00, 14:00, 12:00, 10:30 and 08:00 hrs.
  • For Thrissur: 23:00, 22:00, and 19:30 hrs.
  • For Thalassery: 20:15 hrs, 22:30 hrs.
  • For Kannur: 22:00, 21:30, 21:15, and 09:00 hrs.
From To Bus Time
Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 01.00
Sulthan's Bathery Kothamangalam S/F 00.00
Kasaragode Kottayam S/F 00.15
Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) IC 00.00
Bangalore Ernakulam S/EXP 06.50
Bangalore Ernakulam S/EXP 01.20
Thalassery Kottayam S/F 01.30
Bangalore Kottayam S/EXP 04.50
Kozhikkode Kottarakkara S/F 05.50
Kozhikode Perumbavoor S/EXP 06.30
Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 03.30
Kozhikode Pathanamthitta S/F 07.00
Kolloor Kottarakkara S/F 07.05
Kozhikode Palai S/F 07.30
Kannur Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 07.40
Sulthan's Bathery Thrissur S/F 08.35
Kozhikode Kottarakkara S/F 08.50
Payyambalam Neyyattinkara (Alappuzha) S/F 09.40
Sulthan's Bathery Piravom S/F 10.30
Sulthan's Bathery Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 10.50
Kozhikode Alappuzha S/F 11.00
Thottilpalam Kottayam S/F 11.15
Payyannur Ernakulam S/EXP 11.30
Sulthan's Bathery Alappuzha S/F 11.45
Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram (Kottayam) S/EXP 12.00
Kannur Ernakulam S/F 12.35
Kozhikode Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 12.45
Manathavady Kottayam S/F 12.45
Sulthan's Bathery Kottayam S/F 13.15
Kozhikkode Kottayam S/F 10.00
Kalpetta Ernakulam S/F 13.35
Kozhikode Vaikom S/F 14.15
Payyannur Kottayam S/EXP 14.30
Manathavady Kottayam S/F 14.45
Kannur Ernakulam S/F 15.30
Kozhikode Kottayam S/F 13.45
Bangalore Ernakulam S/EXP 15.50
Kasaragode Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 16.40
Kozhikode Palai S/F 16.30
Kozhikode Chengannur S/F 17.00
Kalpetta Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 17.05
Kannur Thiruvananthapuram (Alappuzha) S/EXP 17.30
Kannur Ernakulam S/F 18.15
Kalpetta Changanassery S/F 18.30
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